Wholesale Used Mobile Phones

In 2013, consumers purchased a new mobile phone every 20 months. Now, consumers replace their phone every 29 months, on average.

Why? High prices for new phones are said to be part of the cause – and this trend shows no sign of slowing.

But consumers still need to purchase phones to replace stolen, lost, or broken devices. With price-conscious buyers looking for a cheaper deal, there’s a golden opportunity for retailers to offer quality pre-owned mobile phones with a much more affordable price tag.

Some of the latest high end handsets, such as the iPhone X, now command four-figure sums when purchased brand new, yet a Grade A Pristine model from Phoenix Cellular could provide substantial savings for your customers.

Retail and Business Phones

Our clients can access the latest stock lists of competitively priced, fully tested and graded mobile phones by reaching out to our sales team.

Pre-owned mobiles also offer considerable savings for business customers who wish to reduce the budgetary burden of mobile phone procurement for their staff.

A comprehensive return policy underpins all our sales, and next-day delivery is available across the UK and Europe.

Testing and Grading

All stock that Phoenix Cellular distributes has been electronically tested before leaving our warehouse using specialised equipment to test all the key functions of every phone we sell.

Our testing equipment checks at least 20 different features on each device.

Every device will be data wiped and restored to factory settings.  Its IMEI will have been verified, and we’ll check it for iCloud and similar locks.

The phones that pass our tests are then graded by experienced, trained people in our team.  This inspection process looks at the physical condition of the phone, picking up external flaws on the case and screen.

See our Grading page for more information on how we award grades to our phones.

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