Premium HandsetsWhen people think second-hand, they immediately think of items that, in terms of condition and performance, do not match a brand new equivalent. Yes, you might be able to buy a used product for cheaper. But the trade off is that you will probably have to put up with signs of wear and tear, a shorter lifespan and reduced functionality.

At Phoenix Cellular, we set out to defy those expectations. We stock thousands of used smartphones in a wide range of conditions. Some have obviously been well used in the past and there is no point trying to disguise that. Others, however, show virtually no outward sign of wear and tear and are in excellent working order.

Our thinking is, with a little care and attention, these devices can easily match a brand new product in almost every respect – the big difference being, we can offer them for a fraction of the price.

We call these our Premium Handsets.

Almost perfect

The first requirement for a premium handset is that it has to arrive with us in excellent condition to begin with. Every phone we stock undergoes a minimum 20-point test carried out by an experienced technicians to determine what sort of shape they are in from an operational and an aesthetic perspective, each handset is then graded. Grades are used to price our stock, but they also serve as an indicator of what sort of physical condition each phone is in for our customers.

For our Premium Handsets, we will only use phones that are ranked Grade A Pristine after testing. This is our top level grade and is a sign that the device is in excellent working order when it reaches us. This includes almost perfect cosmetics, almost perfect screens with no visible signs of scratching, unblemished and undamaged rear casing, no cracks, no smashes and generally hardly any signs of wear and tear.

In other words, what we say when we grade a handset as A Pristine is that it could easily pass for a new device. It therefore deserves to be treated as one, with all internal workings restored to their original condition.


All phones we stock are restored to their factory default settings, have all data wiped and are unlocked with regards to operators and user ID, including PIN and, for iPhones, Touch ID and iCloud.

Selling second-hand phones ‘as new’, we believe our retail partners deserve to be able to offer some some ‘as new’ perks to go with them. All Premium Handsets come with a 12-month ‘repair or replace’ warranty service we fulfil, providing the same level of cover as manufacturer’s warranty.

We can also provide our Premium Handsets as a boxed solution to again match what consumers expect from a brand new phone. Devices are packaged with a charging cable and screen protector in a ‘GR8 Mobile’-branded box.

Find out more about our Premium Handsets HERE, or contact our trade team today on +441270 449999