Graded PhonesThere are some purchasing experiences where the package is almost as important as the product inside. Many people attribute the revival of vinyl records, for example, to the experience of holding and exploring a 12” x 12” gatefold sleeve and all its artwork as much as to any supposed benefits in sound quality.

And would giving someone a gift of chocolates have the same charm if it was, say, a bag rather than a box?

There is a lot to do with ritual and a touch of nostalgia in these examples. Buying a new mobile phone now falls into the same category. For many people, replacing their mobile has become one of those small landmarks in life you revisit every year or so.

Our phones have become so integral to our lives that we often look forward to getting a new device with excitement – anticipating the new features we will be able to enjoy for the first time as technology has moved on since our last purchase, or at least getting a handset in good working order after our old one started to wear out.

It is no exaggeration to say there is quite a lot of emotional value attached to buying a new mobile phone. For that reason, we take pleasure in the ritual of ordering, receiving and exploring one. And part of that ritual is receiving a handset in a box.

That ‘As New’ Feel

The reason for this, of course, is that new handsets are almost universally shipped and sold in a box. There has even come to be a standard type of box – cuboid, with two halves that slide together vertically to make a top and bottom. The boxes will often have a glossy exterior finish printed with the manufacturer’s branding.

Our minds work by association. Before you get your hands on that brand new iPhone or Galaxy, you see and handle the box. That package comes to represent the quality of the product inside. Receiving it triggers the excitement of opening it up and exploring what’s inside.

Many second-hand phones are sold unboxed. From a practical point of view, they are not being shipped by the manufacturer and once that original box seal is broken, they are considered ‘out of box’, i.e. they can’t be sold as brand new.

But graded handset dealers are missing a trick here. They could easily tap into those positive associations consumers have for brand new boxed phones by providing an alternative. Remember, those boxes represent quality in the mind of many a customer. Providing a box with our graded phones recreates that ‘as new’ feel.

From a purely practical point of view, a box also means you can incentivise handset sales by including the extras you typically find with a new smartphone – charger cable, headphones etc.

Graded Phones Solution

At Phoenix Cellular, we help our clients offer that nearly-new mobile phone experience to their clients by supplying our Premium handsets ready boxed with accessories. Our Premium handsets are those rated in the best condition, ready for resale. To all intents and purposes, they are as good as a brand new phone, just without the price tag.

Our boxes are branded as GR8 Mobile, but we are flexible about this – if you want your own branding on the box, we can supply Premium handsets on a white label basis too. Our premium handsets are all also covered by 12 months’ warranty.

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